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Kokiwanee: Brrrrisk Hike: Bald Eagles and Frozen Waterfalls

For a few weeks a year, up to 100 Bald Eagles roost near Acres Landtrust Preserves in Wabash and Miami Counties.  Trek these spectacular places, taking in frozen waterfalls and geologic formations, watching eagles hunt the rivers all day and fly in and out to roost.  You will be able to warm up with cocoa…

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Canal played major factor in developing Wabash County

The Wabash and Erie Canal, though short-lived, played a great role in helping develop Wabash and much of Indiana in the early 19th century. The U.S. Congress provided a land grant to the State of Indiana to create the canal. Work on the canal began in Fort Wayne in 1832 and was finished in Evansville…

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