57x57 We're a caring, philanthropic, thriving, and Stellar community.  
We're glad to have you share in our rich history, our events, and our unique shops. 

Wabash County, Indiana

96x96Spend some time in Wabash County where the Salamonie and Mississinewa Reservoirs play host to an array of outdoor adventures, where a surprisingly modern county holds the perfect blend of fascinating attractions, meeting and convention spaces, historical treasures, sports excitement, world-class entertainment and leisure activities. And where the art scene overflows with galleries, artist wares, antique malls and specialty shops.

Nestled in the heart of it all is the Visit Wabash County Welcome Center and Gift Shop. Located in the historic district of downtown Wabash, this one-of-a-kind storefront is dedicated to enhancing the visitor’s experience. Located at 221 S. Miami Street, Wabash, the Welcome Center provides attraction information, travel itineraries, maps and unique merchandise from all over the county.

The tourism Board of Directors and staff are dedicated to connecting residents and visitors with area events, festivals and attractions. Each are happy to assist you with your special or corporate event by providing presentations, welcome packets and step-on guides to the county.

Whether your time here is earmarked for business or pleasure, you can expect to experience charm and beauty, history and heritage, arts and culture, fine dining and shopping. We promise that your time here will be well spent!

--Christine Flohr, Executive Director of Tourism


Wabash County is located approximately eighty-five miles north east of Indianapolis, 45 miles south west of Fort Wayne, and 156 miles south east of Chicago, Illinois.  Located near major highways and international airports, it's easily accessible.

Our quaint little county combines Indiana's best features in one small county. From covered bridges to reservoirs, from canal locks to churches and cemeteries, from orchards and berries to fine dining, our communities bring out the best of Indiana.

Directions to the Welcome Center

221 S Miami Street, Wabash IN 46992

FROM the NORTHState Road 15 or State Road 13

Continue on 15/13 into town; turn left (east) on Canal Street which is the second stoplight after the railroad tracks.  Take the first left (north) on Miami Street.  The Welcome Center is on the right.

FROM the SOUTHState Road 15 or State Road 13

State roads 15 & 13 come together south of town.  They then become south Wabash Street.  Turn left (west) on market Street which is 15 North, and is the second stoplight after you cross the Wabash River.  Turn left (south) on Miami Street at the first stoplight.  The Welcome Center is on the left.

FROM the WESTHighway 24

Stay on 24 to State Road 15 (Bob Evans is on the left).  Turn right (south) on 15. Turn left (east) on Canal Street which is the second stoplight after the railroad tracks.  Take the first left (north) on Miami Street.  The Welcome Center is on the right.

FROM the EASTHighway 24

Take 13 South into town.  Turn left (east) on Canal Street which is the second stoplight after the railroad tracks.  Take the first left (north) on Miami Street.  The Welcome Center is on the right.

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 Travel Tips

 Sales Tax

Indiana sales tax is 7% and is charged on most transactions.  The prices listed on tags or in the menu when shopping or dining are shown without sales tax. Gasoline prices at the pump include all taxes and display the price you pay.

 Time Zone

Wabash County follows the Eastern Time zone (UTC-5:00) and observes Daylight Savings Time.  Which means we turn our clocks forward an hour on the second Sunday in March, and turn them back an hour on the first Sunday in November. Most cellphones automatically adjust to the different time zones.


It is customary to tip the wait staff when dining in a restaurant and the waiter comes to your table.  In Indiana most waiters and waitresses earn $2.13 per hour in wages.  Minimum wages for other workers is $7.25 per hour.  Your tip, for good service helps offset the low wage that is paid.

For good service, it is recommended to leave a tip of 15-20%+ of the pre-tax total.  An easy way to calculate tip amounts is to take the sales tax total and double it, and then round it up, for a 14%+ tip as a base.

For example, if your pre-tax total is $20, sales tax is $1.40.
$1.40 x 2 = $2.80 (14% tip)  $3 = 15%, $4 = 20%

Leaving a 10% tip indicates substandard service, and leaving no tip indicates terrible service.  Remember, you are tipping for service of the wait staff, not the food.  If you have a bad meal, please seek resolution from the manager.  Your tip should reflect the service your received from your wait staff.


The legal alcohol drinking age in Indiana is 21 years.  Establishments will ask to see your ID to confirm age.


Wabash cares about the health of others around you if you use tobacco.  It is illegal to smoke within 8 feet of the public entrance of a public establishment. The minimum age to purchase tobacco in Indiana is 18.  You will be asked for ID to confirm your age.

For free assistance quitting smoking and other tobacco, please call the Indiana Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669) or visit the website at http://www.in.gov/quitline/.