Girl Time Therapy

Three Ingredients for a Great Girls Getaway


#1 Shopping

Ask any girl and they will tell you that Shopping is a MUST HAVE ingredient to a successful getaway.  
After all, we all have some event coming up where we need to get something – either clothing for ourselves, or a gift for someone, or even a gift for ourselves… because we deserve it!

#2 Pampering

You’re getting away – from the home, the office, the family, the kids, the responsibilities …. it’s time to take care of you.  
What better way to pamper yourself than to schedule that haircut, massage, mani, or pedi with a group of friends?  

#3 Food

You’re finally getting away with your besties.  With food comes bonding, camaraderie, fellowship, sharing, and venting.  Celebrations, frustrations, obstacles, and battles.  Love, friendship, happy times.
All of these are best shared with friends, and a meal.  With many eateries available to meet every mood, you’ll be solving the world’s problems together in no time. 

Girls Getaway Suggested Itinerary

We’ve created a great itinerary for your special girls getaway. 

 Take a look and explore the suggestions.  This itinerary is for a two day getaway and can be done in any order at your leisure.  

Please contact Jennifer if you have any questions.  She’s happy to help you!

Or Create Your Own Itinerary



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