Get away and

Rekindle the flames

 with our

Couple’s Escape


Running on empty?

How many of these apply to you? We devote so much time to our:

• children
• children’s activities
• parents
• volunteer activities
• jobs/careers
• hobbies
• or our spouse’s illness

… that we’ve lost touch with each other and want to re-new, re-kindle, and re-charge our devotion to each other. If you can relate to any of these, then you’re in the right place!


Charging x 2

What could recharge two souls more than spending time wholly devoted to each other?  Start the getaway in a lovely bed and breakfast. 

• Spend the day by exploring our waterfalls
• Discovering antiques and treasures
• Connecting with Nature and leaving the busy-ness behind
• Shopping in our quaint boutiques  

Entertainment can be found to round out the evening in our historic theatre, with top shows at Honeywell Center, or if you’d prefer something a little more quiet, how about a night cap at the piano bar?


Batteries 100%

Fall in love with the beauty of our county, with businesses dedicated to providing you with a getaway where memories are made, and most of all, where fires are rekindled in your relationship.  

Leave here refreshed to face your daily challenges anew. Together you will move forward as a unified force and to take on the world as a team. 

•  You will talk about this retreat
•  You will start making plans to do it again in the not so far future.  
•  You will tell your friends about it, they will do it too, and thank you.  

Escape Itinerary for Couples

We’ve created a great itinerary for you to play, relax, and enjoy your time together.

 Take a look and explore the weblinks.  This itinerary is for a two day getaway and can be done in any order at your leisure.  

Please contact Jennifer if you have any questions.  She’s happy to help you!

Or Create Your Own Itinerary



Explore Nature Together

Learn Together